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27 Oct 2018
Sassoon has always been a leader in the hair industry. The latest technology sense sand hair style design, with three-dimensional sense, moist and shiny hair, smooth line beauty, presenting the latest hairstyle elements in autumn and winter. Seeing more pictures of Sassoon hairstyles, is it always short hair and medium hair, and there are very few long hairs. It is always difficult to find a suitable hair style if you love long hair.
Don't worry, now bring the latest Sha Xuan hairstyle pictures, emphasize 3D stereoscopic effects and curly hair style, let you create your own Sassoon long hair style.

The dazzling color of the hair color is another feature of the Sassoon hairstyle. The red color and the tailoring highlight make the pure straight hair instantly have vitality.

Straight and straight, Sha Xuan straight hair, silver and dark brown hair, with a soft texture to highlight the three-dimensional effect of the hairstyle. The asymmetrical hair style design also reflects the scientific and technological sense of the Sassoon hairstyle, and increases the straight hair connection in the bangs on the short hair of the smooth lines.

 A handsome Sassoon hairstyle, two short cuts and a large amount of stacked tops create a three-dimensional line of beauty. Messy and three-dimensional large curly hair, 3D floating curl, hair style is more fashionable.

 The three-dimensional three-dimensional design is the main element of the Sassoon hairstyle, and the raised angle and the V-shaped bangs are matched with the contrast design. Thousands of styles of Sassoon long curly hair, bright hair color, graceful curvature, feminine sexy hairstyle.

Inherited from the BOB Liu Hai's Sassoon long hair, the hair on the shoulder, whether it is micro-volume, or level or straight, gives a retro fashion atmosphere.

A little jellyfish head design feels short hair, the upper wave head is short hair and sagging to increase long hair bundles, and then blue hair dye to create a three-dimensional sense.

The thick and substantial sense of Sassoon's long hair, the curled hair, the more lustrous and fashionable in the setting of the curvature, especially the combination of colors, brings a silky soft visual feeling.


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