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28 Nov 2018
With the arrival of summer, I believe that many girls have put on a refreshing short hair, but the thick and flat mushroom head hair style is dull and has no features. If you still go to the crowd, you will never find it again. Come back, the two short hair daily routines to be introduced below, a simple two-step operation can reinvigorate your hair style.

Grab the hair into a small bundle and twist the hair in different directions, so that the hair has a slight curl. Finally, the hair is transferred to the fluffy state by hand, making the hair messy and light.

This short hair hair tail is vertical, finely broken and a little fluffy, the straight shape and a bangs in the middle, the effect of face-lifting is self-evident, and the...

24 Nov 2018
Come and have a look. Let's choose the style you like to play with fashion charm.The girls all have a beautiful heart, and that fashion hairstyle is the best expression of charm. A simple and beautiful hair clip hairstyle is to add more fashion charm to girls' hairstyles.

Stylish hair color with a gentle charm, let this simple medium-length hair style more stylish and gentle, with a large hair clip, the middle long hair is simply fixed a princess head Hair style, it looks very natural and beautiful.

The hairpin always adds a touch of fashion to a simple hairstyle. The short hair with a golden scent and the bangs are all screwed up and fixed on the hair, showing the refreshing smell of the one. And better.

This hair clip hair style uses a...

21 Nov 2018
When girls choose bangs, they also need to pay attention to the choice of bangs. I recommend several girls' bangs hairstyles. Each one has its own unique personality. You can choose one of your own. Turned into a little fairy.

A supple black long hair style is a girl's favorite clean and fresh charm, with a fluffy and clean air bangs design, more sweet and temperament, when the breeze bursts, it appears More beautiful girl feeling!

A simple low-cut hair style can also feel the fashion charm of the piece. The broken bangs are simply scattered on both sides of the cheek, showing a full fashion charm, and the refined makeup shows the best look. a temperament.

The sweetness of the double ponytail hairstyle brings more girls' temperament to the...

10 Nov 2018
The short hair style of the students is just dressed in Qi Liu, the design of the Bobo head? This is outdated, and now students have a lot of short hair styles, but they are also very fashionable. Cute students have short hair styles that let you see the charm of youth.

Japanese short bangs hairstyle with eyebrows, straight hair with short ears, giving a very cute and lively feeling, and watching is also very spiritual.

A cute student's short hair style, shit-style short hair is a popular short hair style for students, which can show the personality of the students, it seems cool.

This is a very fashionable short hair style for students. After perming, it looks very beautiful. A hairstyle that gives a playful feeling, fashion and fashion.

2 Nov 2018

Hair is a very important part of a woman. It enhances femininity. The twists and ties here make you sexy and cute. The hair doesn't need to be tossed, and the braid is braided to make your hairstyle very chic. It is recommended to make your hair sexy and cute.

The hair is combed and the braids on the side are twisted. From the side, the hairstyle is very exciting, very sexy and feminine. It is so beautiful.

It is also very good to tie up the hair in winter, and then braid the braids, which looks special elegance and fashion from the back. It is suitable for the winter knitting of MM.

Double horsetail twist hair style, looks very cute look, with a partial bangs design, let your exquisite face exposed, the feeling of a special student girl.

27 Oct 2018
Sassoon has always been a leader in the hair industry. The latest technology sense sand hair style design, with three-dimensional sense, moist and shiny hair, smooth line beauty, presenting the latest hairstyle elements in autumn and winter. Seeing more pictures of Sassoon hairstyles, is it always short hair and medium hair, and there are very few long hairs. It is always difficult to find a suitable hair style if you love long hair.
Don't worry, now bring the latest Sha Xuan hairstyle pictures, emphasize 3D stereoscopic effects and curly hair style, let you create your own Sassoon long hair style.

The dazzling color of the hair color is another feature of the Sassoon hairstyle. The red color and the tailoring highlight make the pure...

26 Oct 2018
Korean girls have a strong and elegant temperament, and the flowing straight hair has a light and beautiful body, which makes you more energetic. The following models are designed for you. Interested friends may wish to give it a try. Straight hair style.

A Korean style straight hair style with a strong gas field outside, has already attracted you deeply, and the long hair flutters in the wind, it seems to show the feminine movement of a small woman, simple and clean clothing mix, full display Today's fashion trends.

This gentle temperament Korean style girl's straight hair, accidentally knocking your attention, oh, no bangs hairstyle with Korean girl's style, simple and capable, such a girl, you will not Love at first sight,

It is best to...

23 Oct 2018
This year's popular hair style is really quite a lot, even the stars have begun to get together to change the shape, short hair, lob head, half ball head, which one is your favorite? The latest hair style recommendation, come and pick a try.

The most popular hair style this year is the air bangs, the air bangs + Korean natural curly hair is sweet and fresh, let you change the Korean drama heroine, the coffee brown hair color is whiter and more fashionable.

The Korean-style curls with a sense of air, the mid-point plus such a fluffy wave is super feminine.

In the autumn, long hair began to be popular. In addition to hot rolls, such a medium-length hair is also a good choice, simple and refreshing.

This year's popular hair style lob head is...

22 Sep 2018
Winter long hair beauty is more warm and healing beauty, while winter hair style is more suitable for long hair perm hairstyles. Each one has a warm healing feeling. It can easily create a warm healing man's fashion beauty. The beautiful women are quick to get up.

Long hair micro curl

How to make your hair look good is a topic that many beautiful women want to know this winter. The long-haired beauty wants to repay the curly hair style. Can you like this slightly curly hair shape? The micro-curly type is one of the most popular fashions in the past two years, giving a very beautiful beauty. The big wave of the hair is very beautiful.

Medium minute curly hair

It doesn't matter if you don't like hair dyeing. In fact, the black hair style is...

18 Sep 2018
The early autumn season is coming, the girls are very concerned about the topic of course, but also the hair style, then, what kind of hairstyle is good in autumn?

Long curly hair

The most feminine hairstyles are long hair, especially long curly hair. The long curly hair is very fashionable, and the large curvature can modify the face, whether it is round face or big bottle face. Become a small face, dyed with a brown hair color classic look, especially bright skin tone! The autumn scenery gives people a feeling of warmth, and this brown hair is also the most beautiful in the fall, gentle and pleasant, simple and generous.

Classic inner button wave head

If the perm is more or less harmful to the hair, and you don't want to take care of it,...