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23 Oct 2018
This year's popular hair style is really quite a lot, even the stars have begun to get together to change the shape, short hair, lob head, half ball head, which one is your favorite? The latest hair style recommendation, come and pick a try.

The most popular hair style this year is the air bangs, the air bangs + Korean natural curly hair is sweet and fresh, let you change the Korean drama heroine, the coffee brown hair color is whiter and more fashionable.

The Korean-style curls with a sense of air, the mid-point plus such a fluffy wave is super feminine.

In the autumn, long hair began to be popular. In addition to hot rolls, such a medium-length hair is also a good choice, simple and refreshing.

This year's popular hair style lob head is...

22 Sep 2018
Winter long hair beauty is more warm and healing beauty, while winter hair style is more suitable for long hair perm hairstyles. Each one has a warm healing feeling. It can easily create a warm healing man's fashion beauty. The beautiful women are quick to get up.

Long hair micro curl

How to make your hair look good is a topic that many beautiful women want to know this winter. The long-haired beauty wants to repay the curly hair style. Can you like this slightly curly hair shape? The micro-curly type is one of the most popular fashions in the past two years, giving a very beautiful beauty. The big wave of the hair is very beautiful.

Medium minute curly hair

It doesn't matter if you don't like hair dyeing. In fact, the black hair style is...

18 Sep 2018
The early autumn season is coming, the girls are very concerned about the topic of course, but also the hair style, then, what kind of hairstyle is good in autumn?

Long curly hair

The most feminine hairstyles are long hair, especially long curly hair. The long curly hair is very fashionable, and the large curvature can modify the face, whether it is round face or big bottle face. Become a small face, dyed with a brown hair color classic look, especially bright skin tone! The autumn scenery gives people a feeling of warmth, and this brown hair is also the most beautiful in the fall, gentle and pleasant, simple and generous.

Classic inner button wave head

If the perm is more or less harmful to the hair, and you don't want to take care of it,...

15 Sep 2018
In recent years, all kinds of light-colored hairs have appeared in the streets and alleys. The blue color, the grandmother's ash, the green grass, the milk tea color, and the light purple color have become popular pink this year. The light color of the forest adds a touch of bright color to the lives of the beautiful women.

The boring cyan, grandma ash, grass green, milk tea color and light purple have been popular in the world, and the light pink hair color that appeared in the European and American entertainment circles has been tried by many European and American actresses.

To this day, pale pink began to pop around us, replacing other light-colored hair colors and making it popular.

In general, the light color is bright, lively,...

13 Sep 2018
Liu Hai, who can match short hair, let us tell you about which street bangs are the best. Regardless of length, BOBO head or elf head, you can find the most suitable.

Short hair with bangs, street shooters tell you how to best fit
side fringe

When Liu Hai is too long, he can separate the bangs by 4/6. Can also be integrated with the LOB.

Thick bangs

Relatively thick short hair style, it is best to use a thicker bangs to match, in order to appear not abrupt, do not use air bangs.

Slanting bangs

The fluffy LOB head, in addition to the air bangs, can also give yourself a big side, and then put the bangs behind the ear, is also a good way to let the hair naturally rise.

Liu Hai to the eyebrows

For a straight and short straight hair BOB head, the...

11 Sep 2018
In the autumn festival, the ball head became popular again. How do you look at the ball? The hair of the long hair and the short hair is not the same, and the head of the ball is good.

Short hair ball head hair

1: First, comb the hair, then lower your head and concentrate all the hair on the top of the head. Fix it with black rubber band. Note that the hair on the forehead should be loosened to create a fluffy feeling. Then divide the pony tail into two parts. Wrap the braid in a cross.

2: After editing, directly grab the braided hair tail around the head, wrap it into a full rounded ball head, and finally fix it with a small hair clip. Such a cute ball hair style is complete.

25 Aug 2018
Turn the straight hair into a twist and match it with a nice-looking hat. It is suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Idyllic lady braided tutorial illustration literary low ponytail is so beautiful

After the hair is split, it becomes a three-stranded twist. After braiding the hair, the small hair is pulled out from the scorpion by hand to make the braiding more random. Finally, the rubber rib is used to fix the scorpion.

Spray a small amount of shaped products at the bangs and comb the bangs slightly back with a comb to make the bangs have a small curvature.

Then pull the hair on both sides by hand and pull the scattered hair to make the shape more temperament.
Idyllic lady braided tutorial illustration literary low ponytail is so...

22 Aug 2018
Stylish and charming Japanese and Korean curly hair style, is a very attractive female hair style, maybe there is a one that is very suitable for you, so that you have the perfect goddess temperament.

The latest Japanese and Korean big curly hair style instantly makes you more attractive

The fascinating big curly hair, the brown hair color makes the hair more texture, the wavy hair is fluffy and lazy hair is very casual and feminine.

The latest Japanese and Korean big curly hair style instantly makes you more attractive

Another bangs curls, this is also a good choice, thick wavy hair curls fluffy, easy to modify the delicate face.

Partially bangs Korean curly hair perm, hot dyed hair is natural and bright, the texture is smooth and long...